Sunday, 22 May 2011

A little closer to Earth.

On  17th July 2004, the Mexican UFO hunter Pedro Avila captured something very unique for the time. It was the first time an invisible UFO had been captured in the near infrared light spectrum. Until this time, only very expensive sophisticated cameras had captured such events. What made Pedro's infrared UFO footage more spectacular is the fact two camcorders of the same make and model was used. One camcorder was set up to record in infrared, and the other in the standard visible spectrum, both filming the same bit of sky.  You can clearly see a stationary spherical object sat motionlessly in the sky in the infrared footage, but no object in the normal visible spectrum.

 What this footage shows, is that anyone with an off the shelf consumer camcorder has the potential to capture an anomaly which isn't reflecting visible light, a UFO that could be of another world. All you need is a little patience and some luck. A bit like fishing!
Like in some of the NASA clips, these unknown objects could be everywhere. If one person can get a result like this, everyone else can possibly get a similar result, no matter where in the world you are. And capturing an invisible UFO in the near IR light spectrum proves that something is going on, solid real objects going about their business in secrecy, right under our noses. If this phenomena is really going on in the near infrared light spectrum, anyone with the right camera or camcorder can go hunting for themselves.

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