Saturday, 28 May 2011

IR & UV... Ball Of Light UFOs

The first two captures I am going to show were recorded using a Sony DCR DVD106E camcorder and a 920nm IR pass filter for exposure control. Also filming into the glare of the Sun at around mid day. The reason for this is to get maximum IR light reflecting of a possible UFO that happens to be in the vicinity of where you are filming at that time.

The first of the two was captured on August 23rd 2008, please watch in the highest quality. There are two objects in this footage, the obvious ball of light that could have been observing me, and one that shoots back behind a cloud.


These objects that I captured in this footage on the 22nd September 2008 are the same type of UFO, extremely fast balls of light that, agile and totally invisible to the naked eye. Not your stereotypical flying saucer that people think of when envisioning a UFO. Again, there's two flying objects here, one flies down while the other flies up into the clouds

What I've discovered, these have been also captured on NASA's UV cameras. The same 'ball of light' UFO that has the very same characteristics. Blobs of light that appear to be intelligently controlled. In this footage I also showed earlier, watch as the UFO being shot at from below sees the flash,  seems to know that it is being fired upon and flees the scene, way in advance of a possible collision. The clip in the middle, you can see there are more than just one of these UFOs around in the same area...

And here the same balls of light being easily spooked.

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