Friday, 3 June 2011

Spooked UFO climbs in altitude.

On several occasions while out night skywatching, I've encountered pair's of objects that could easily be dismissed as satellites, the NOSS  (Naval Ocean Surveillance System)   These military satellites that orbit the Earth in pairs appear to be quite a common sight, even though they are only several sets of them. Here's some footage my mine that a captured a while a using my homemade night vision scope.

After encountering these possible NOSS satellites on a very frequent basis, I wondered if these rarely sighted satellites were actually satellites at all. And because these belong to the military, I was unable to go online and confirm the sighting or even when they were due to go by again.
On the 17th August 2010, I noticed what appeared to be the NOSS satellites, going straight over my head...again. This time I was carrying a green laser pen that is used for astronomy purposes and shined it in the general direction of the two satellites, perhaps hoping for a possible reaction.  Almost instantly, the trailing luminous object appears to change travelling speed and climb altitude at what must have been an incredible speed.

Obviously, satellites can't respond like this. I know for a fact they are not birds, Whatever it is, it appears it was spooked and probably wanted to reach safety at a higher altitude, away from the possible dangers that lay below.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shiny UFO hovering above the rooftops.

On the 31 Aug 2009 around mid day, I captured a very shiny object sat almost stationary above the rooftops. Very hard to estimate the size of an object like this as distance is unknown. It never really changes altitude, but unfortunately the object slowly travelled north away from me.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spherical 'Foo Fighter' UFO Captured Flying Along Side Plane.

One advantage with using an older Sony camcorder with nightshot for UFO hunting is the fact some come with a larger 1/4" CCD light sensor, instead of the 1/6" or smaller CCD. The benefit of this is that low light filming in infrared is a possibility. Some older camcorders with the 1/4" CCD also come with the additional feature of manual shutter speed. By slowing down the shutter speed, this allows the CCD light sensor time to gather more light before processing.

On the 31st May 2009 at around 1.30am, I was armed with a Sony CCD TRV87E camcorder. Upon zooming onto a plane that was heading for Bournemouth airport, I instantly noticed a spherical ball of light flying along side it. This was to become my first 'orb' UFO capture. Traditionally, these UFOs are called Foo Fighters, named by the pilots that flew in WW2, spherical objects that buzzed around their planes, but never hostile. Now, I am unsure whether this type of UFO is invisible to the naked eye. Though, apart from the famous Concord/UFO incident, I have only seen these 'Foo Fighter' UFOs captured in the infrared light spectrum.


Shape shifting UFO?

On the 8th of Feb 2009, I captured an object that taught me a lot about IR pass filters. The actual filming of the UFO is terrible due to the shakiness, which I apologise for. With walking around the garden to try and get a clearer shot, the footage is rather shaky. So in the second half of this video I show a stabilised version.

In this footage it shows the object looking as though it is constantly changing shape, or 'shape shifting'. This is only an illusion, what in fact we are seeing are IR light frequencies between 920nm and 1200nm. We are only seeing the twinkly parts of the UFO reflecting lower than 920nm of IR light, 1200nm being where near infrared light ends, also the very limit the camcorder's CCD will see. Any frequency of light that is higher that the rated IR pass filter used is being blocked due to the way IR pass filters work, so the UFO still won't be seen. An IR pass filter restricts visible light and IR light up to what ever the lens is rated at, this acts as an exposure control system on camcorders that have the 'white out' effect. This prevents daylight use by opening up the aperture and over exposing the image. To capture a UFO that is reflecting IR light, but not visible, a camcorder needs to be able to receive as much IR light as possible. If I had used a 720nm filter with an additional ND8 filter to control exposure levels on my unmodified Sony nightshot DCR DVD106E, we would be seeing a lot more of the craft. If a 1000nm filter was being used, (apart from producing a darker image) the UFO might not have been seen at all due to the possible weak Sun and clouds etc...
 A modified camcorder however would've produced a very bright, very different piece of UFO footage. A modified camcorder that has the ability to film in the near infrared spectrum without the usual problems of a 'white out' effect has the advantage of seeing cloaked UFOs reflecting IR light in their full glory. An unmodified camcorder that has to control nightshot mode with IR pass filters for daytime use run the risk of partially seeing or even missing a cloaked UFO altogether. To up the chances of spotting a cloaked UFO when using IR pass filters, a strong high Sun is recommended, or a weaker IR pass filter with the addition of an ND filter.

Here is some raw unedited images from that piece of UFO footage...Click on image for a closer look.

©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
 The IR pass filter used in this capture was rated at 920nm, so visible light plus infrared light up to 920nm is being blocked. In these images, we are only seeing 920nm up to 1200nm of infrared light, a very small window of light, this makes the UFO look like it is continuously changing shape as it flies on by.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Infrared UFO Fleet.

On the 18th Oct 2008 I captured a whole number of objects crossing the sky at around 1pm. It was a partially cloudy day but with good visibility with blustery winds. The objects are seen travelling in a horizontal course parallel to the ground, almost locked in formation. (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT)

On Sept 27th 2009 I captured what seems to be the same type of objects sat stationary above my house, about 25 miles away from where I had filming my Infrared UFO fleet footage. As you can see there's what looks like two objects sat on top of each other. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E with an 850nm pass filter and a 2x tele lens, boosting the optical zoom up to 80x. These objects must have been extremely high in altitude. After a few minutes of filming and realising they were stationary, I decided to go and fetch my tripod. Withing around two minutes of setting up the tripod, the objects were gone.  (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT) 


Images taken from the two separate occasions show striking similarities