Thursday, 23 June 2011

'Foo Fighter' Decends & Gives Chase To Commercial Jet.

David Sankey

 With my experience of UFO hunting, the most common of all unidentified aerial phenomena witnessed by
 Foo fighter UFO 2009
  myself and several other UFO hunters around the world has to be the spherical orb UFO. A relatively slow responding craft, several feet in diameter that takes time to gather momentum, but can move at incredible speeds. My research suggests these spherical crafts are visually weightless and possibly use a plasma type substance to push themselves around, bursts of gas that expel out from several outlets positioned around the vessel. Or there could be several types of spherical vessels, all with differing means of propulsion and purposes.

These object which American pilots named "foo-fighters," came from the Smokey Stover comic strip. Smokey Stover (a fireman) always said, 'Where there's foo, there's fire.' It came from the French word for fire, 'feu.'Possibly because these objects were seen as flying balls of fire, very intense orange coloured objects.

Whether these crafts are piloted by an unknown entity or indeed one of our own military type crafts, I am unsure. But, they are a fact, first captured by the eyes of pilots of the 2nd world war and were named 'foo fighters', and also in recent years by UFO hunters indulging in the their leisurely pass time. Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy, but they remained unidentified post-war and were reported by both Allied and Axis forces. Any reports were taken very seriously and accounts of these cases were presented to heavyweight scientists, the phenomenon was never explained.

Foo fighter UFO first recorded in November 1944.


Before I present another of my own 'foo fighter' captures, I want you to take a look at this footage here...

This is probably the closest and clearest capture of a 'foo fighter' UFO to date. Captured on an HD camcorder by, making this footage truly remarkable. It's obviously nothing conventional, nothing known to the public anyway. This is just another piece of real evidence, another piece of the jigsaw, just floating around in cyberspace.

My next piece of personal UFO footage shows a daytime capture, in infrared on the 7 March 2010 at around 13:40. As I was filming the low flying plane you will see a bright ball of light drop down from above the plane to the underside, then rapidly accelerate south, in the direction of the traveling conventional aircraft. This object was completely invisible to the naked eye, whether it was invisible, I don't know, but I couldn't see it. Please excuse my language at the end of the clip. But, please enjoy...


Foo fighter UFO dropping down beside plane. (Watch video for actual footage)