Monday, 13 June 2011

My interaction with UFOs...CE5

Understanding the possibilities that can be achieved using the right infrared recording equipment, we now know this aerial phenomena can be captured very easily at an affordable cost.
Confident a small percentage of these lights are not all passing satellites, planes, birds etc, but possible 'UFOs' , I had to keep trying to provoke a reaction using my laser pointer. I had already given myself confidence that it can be done which I show in a previous post.
In this next piece of UFO footage, I show how a response can be instigated using a laser in a non-aggressive manner. Purposely not pointing the laser directly at the UFOs, but very close to them.  In the footage taken on the 23rd April, 2010, you will see what appears to be passing satellites, as I flash the laser, you will see the UFOs flash back. Some will argue these are just passing satellites catching the Sun's rays which is lighting them up, which is normally the case. But, the second UFO that travels from left to right of the screen not only flashes, but at around 2:40 seconds starts to reduces travelling speed, significantly. At around 3:08 seconds, when the UFO is at it's slowest travelling speed, the UFO starts to light up or 'power-up' as it's sometimes known as, remaining lit up for a period of around 20 seconds. Some may still argues that it is just a rare capture of an iridium flare, but what you can't argue with is the fact the object significantly reduces travelling speed, something satellites just don't do.  All iridium satellite flares, plus the ISS amongst other satellites can be tracked at the heavens-above website. After this event I did my utmost to find out what I had just witnessed and recorded.  If I were to have been lucky enough to have witnessed a flare or any other similar event, I would've posted just that.  After issuing the footage to MUFON the lead UK investigations team member Jack Turnbull, we came to a conclusion it was an 'unknown' as it wasn't pigeon holed as anything 'conventional'. I have performed this a few times now, but think it is a very risky thing to do, in more ways than one.