Friday, 3 June 2011

Spooked UFO climbs in altitude.

On several occasions while out night skywatching, I've encountered pair's of objects that could easily be dismissed as satellites, the NOSS  (Naval Ocean Surveillance System)   These military satellites that orbit the Earth in pairs appear to be quite a common sight, even though they are only several sets of them. Here's some footage my mine that a captured a while a using my homemade night vision scope.

After encountering these possible NOSS satellites on a very frequent basis, I wondered if these rarely sighted satellites were actually satellites at all. And because these belong to the military, I was unable to go online and confirm the sighting or even when they were due to go by again.
On the 17th August 2010, I noticed what appeared to be the NOSS satellites, going straight over my head...again. This time I was carrying a green laser pen that is used for astronomy purposes and shined it in the general direction of the two satellites, perhaps hoping for a possible reaction.  Almost instantly, the trailing luminous object appears to change travelling speed and climb altitude at what must have been an incredible speed.

Obviously, satellites can't respond like this. I know for a fact they are not birds, Whatever it is, it appears it was spooked and probably wanted to reach safety at a higher altitude, away from the possible dangers that lay below.

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