Thursday, 15 December 2011

UPDATE: UFO Footage From 22nd September 2008 Now Stabilised.

The UFO footage that I released on the 22nd of September 2008 showing extremely fast flying balls of light, as see in this post here...IR & UV... Ball Of Light UFOs.  Has been stabilised to show how dramatic and real the footage really is. The balls of light can really be seen for what they are, moving fluently with precision and speed. With only one being apparent at first, flying straight up behind a distant cloud. The stabilised footage clearly shows a second object coming down from the clouds, in the opposite direction.

The more obvious 'ball of light' .

Below, the less obvious.


As we have this activity occurring right over or heads, probably throughout the world in total secrecy, totally invisible to our human eyes, simple near infrared technology used in the right way can resolve and bring this secret to light. As I have shown in previous posts, using night vision can highlight the slower less agile spheres at night, even getting one to almost stop in it's tracks and give a 15-20 second 'power-up' hello with the use of a laser beam. And here, demonstrating using the Sun to provide the IR light for reflection and the roof top to cut out the glare. Also shown here again showing the same type of UFO.
With the small percentage of non man-made cropcircles arriving in Wiltshire's fields each year, it's not exactly difficult to work out who or what is making them.