Saturday, 11 June 2011

Night Vision Capture.

Here's a capture that was filmed using my NV scope. The capture just happens to include a plane, (yet again) This involves a low flying UFO that I would say is flying at around the same altitude as the low flying plane, flying just several thousand feet up. It could be lower, it could be higher, it is very difficult to judge in night vision as the image is 2 dimensional looking. I've been filming satellites going over for several years now, when I spot one, it's pretty obvious what it is. But, this is very different...

The footage was filmed on the 2nd April 2009 traveling North, this really did take me by surprise as it shot by. I had it in shot for quite a while which gave me the chance to make visual contact, which were negative, totally invisible. I frequently go out and watch the ISS pass by when the opportunity arises, the ISS is very visible to the naked eye. I also have filmed it without the use of night vision.

Now, in this piece of UFO footage that is truly amazing, thanks to for this one . This object was reported as being 'large orange glowing ball of light' So, it appears to be a 'foo fighter' captured in night vision. If it wasn't for the use of IR recording devices and an attractor device like a laser or spotlight that can provoke a reaction, these objects can just travel around at high altitudes disguised as satellites if traveling in straight lines. Spot the laser at the start of this footage.  It obviously spooks the low flying UFO into thinking 'it's time to get out of here....quick!"