Monday, 5 September 2011

Spherical UFO Sat Motionless Over The Rooftops

I captured this UFO on the 31 Aug 2009 2pm. It could possibly be a foo fighter/orb UFO just sat there above the roof tops. It appears to remain at the same altitude yet slowly drift north away from where I am filming, disappearing from view after around 5 minutes. As you will see in nearly all of my daytime UFO captures, I will occasionally pan out to give a wider field of view, thus giving the viewer a better sense of perspective and reference.

I estimate this object being no more than half a mile away from where I was filming. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E camcorder, 850nm IR pass filter and a 2x tele-converter lens.
(sorry about the soundtrack, I've misplaced the original footage for HD re-upload)