Monday, 5 September 2011

Spherical UFO Sat Motionless Over The Rooftops

I captured this UFO on the 31 Aug 2009 2pm. It could possibly be a foo fighter/orb UFO just sat there above the roof tops. It appears to remain at the same altitude yet slowly drift north away from where I am filming, disappearing from view after around 5 minutes. As you will see in nearly all of my daytime UFO captures, I will occasionally pan out to give a wider field of view, thus giving the viewer a better sense of perspective and reference.

I estimate this object being no more than half a mile away from where I was filming. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E camcorder, 850nm IR pass filter and a 2x tele-converter lens.
(sorry about the soundtrack, I've misplaced the original footage for HD re-upload)


  1. Hi Darren, nice blog mate :-) i agree with waht you say, we have seen many good video captures, and you have a lot to be studied... I guess its too close to being real for some people?


  2. Hey, thanks Trev...I think a lot people still visualise UFOs as classic flying sauser shaped crafts, and even then they will struggle to believe they are actually visiting our planet. Put it to them we are also under contant surveillance by invisible crafts of all shapes and sizes, (as NASA videos prove) and they'll think your mad. Even though the evidence is there, it seems way to out there to be taken seriously by some people.

  3. These videos are awesome, what kind of camera do you use? Did you convert it to ir or was it made that way? Again, Awesome videos, don't stop posting them. Each one helps move UFOlogy a step forward.

    Scott C. Waring
    UFO Sightings Daily

  4. Thanks for stopping by Scott, I'm a regular at your sight, very good!
    I'm using a older modified Sony DCR TRV140 camcorder at the moment. The camcorder used in this footage was a Sony DCR DVD106 with an 850nm pass filter and 2X tele lens.

  5. Darren, you should look into purchasing a long-range thermal camera from a Chinese manufacturer (the US based ones don't sell outside of their country).

    They are pretty expensive at around 8000 EUR (from Guide Infrared as an example), but if you have the budget to go for such a device, the long-range image quality is outstanding.

    The Chinese devices have a video out for recording on media device plus battery charging from a normal power socket, so you can leave the device to record the skies throughout the night at maximum zoom.

  6. A few years ago in central Tx I saw something during the day that i could not explain. Now, with the recent sanAntonio video and this one of yours i have some idea that i was not seeing things. It was round, appeared transparent, and sat in the same spot for over an hour. When i noticed it it was above a pole in the for ground. I used bino's to get a closer look but it did not appear any different. I watched it thinking it might be a weather baloon but after about 10 min and it not moving i was stumped. Over an hour later, still in the same exact spot i had to get back to work. i checked later and it was gone.

  7. Great page Darren! My husband and I see what we call "moving stars" with just our eyes quite often. They seem to travel in pairs a lot, they make crazy turns, appear and disappear... I just want to know what they are. Are they ours? or not? Are they craft or beings? Has anyone ever hooked up one of these cams to a big telescope at an observatory to get a close up? Seems like we have the technology to at least get a little closer...I hope we can someday know the whole truth.

  8. Thank you. With relatively inexpensive recording equipment you can get these objects on film, it is really quite easy to do. These objects often travel in pairs, some say these are the NOSS satellites, but as far as I am aware there is only one pair of these military satellites that monitor the oceans. I see pairs of UFOs nearly every time I do a skywatch, I can't see it being these to be honest. Ive had several reactions from UFOs using powerful lasers before...bit risky though!