Saturday, 5 February 2011

How It All Changed

On February 25th 1996, the famous 'tether incedent' of NASA STS-75 forever changed the way we perceive the UFO subject as a whole. This footage taken from Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO archives brings home the very real fact that we are not alone. Slowly, the days of ridicule, poked banter, the mention of little green men and silly X-files music that's applied to every potential credible piece of evidence are slowly fading away.
With this incredible piece of evidence that clearly objects in the vicinity of 12 mile  glowing electrically charged tether, over 75 miles away. This gives some idea of the shear size of these crafts. On the contrary to what is generally thought, these objects are in FRONT of the tether. The tether is at least 75 miles away from the camera what also means the camera filming must be set at 'infinity' focus the focus in on the tether. The footage below at exactly 3:00 minutes in there is a focus shift, a shift of focus that edges slightly back from 'infinity' at that point the 'UFOs' come into focus that shows them to be a more solid object. What is evident though is the amount of activity that is in that relatively small chunk of space, crowded almost. This is some UFO footage you can't poke fun at. NASA has always claimed that the 'UFOs' in this footage are 'ice particals' The fundamental issue with ice in space is that it will only travel in a straight line. The objects is the footage here are clearly changing direction, travelling in a curved path and even doubling back on themselves... showing intelligent control...

Another piece of UFO footage taken from Martyn Stubbs's NASA UFO archive, shows a lone UFO that looks like it's being shot at from the Earth below. There's a flash that lasts just a fraction of a second. The UFO (or the occupants inside) somehow anticipates the danger of what could lay ahead and makes a dash for safety well in advance of a possible collision with something shot from a very advanced weapon. Look closely at this footage and you'll see several objects of similar size and character, all spooked by the event of what they have just witnessed, as if on guard.

Crowded skies up there...

Ground control asks for another camera as UFOs are all around