Thursday, 13 October 2011

Unexpected Object Passes Straight Over Me.

As a UFO hunter, experimenting with different cameras, camcorders, lenses, scopes, night vision devices and so on is the norm. Playing and tweaking becomes just as time consuming as filming itself, not that there's anything wrong with it of course, it's just a what you do. You just never know if that tweak, modification or new technique will help with that ultimate UFO capture.
On the 11th July 2010, I was experimenting with ND filters that help control the exposure levels of Sony's nightshot image in daytime conditions. Shall I use a 920nm pass filter by itself? An 850nm IR pass filter with an ND4 filter or a 720nm filter with an ND8 filter? Or even an additional ND2? The 920nm IR pass filter by itself produces a cleaner, sharper image, but restricts more IR light. Meaning, a slightly less chance of spotting a UFO only reflecting IR light. The 720nm + ND8+ND2, a 680nm + ND8+ND8 or 680nm +ND16 filter method raises the chances of spotting an IR visible only UFO as the Sony camcorder's CCD is receiving nearly all of the near IR light wavelengths. The only drawback of the building up of lenses is that it reduces the quality of the overall image.

So, as I was doing a little experimenting with my lenses, not even on the look out for any out of the ordinary objects, a white sphere passes straight over me traveling in a SSW direction...


                                 Please watch in the highest resolution.