Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cone/Triangular Craft Captured

UFO spotting may come across a strange and near impossible quest, but unless you make a conscious effort and get out there and look up, the likely hood of ever seeing a UFO is almost zero. It's a little like fishing, unless you go to the lake, set up your rod, line, bait your hook and cast it into the water, your not going to catch a fish. You know they are there, it's just about having patience and luck. Over time you gain experience, buy more equipment, experiment with different techniques, try different baits etc. All for catching a fish. It's the same with UFO spotting, it's a hobby that does work, you've just got to try it. For me, I find filming the skies in the infrared light spectrum is what works best. So that is what I build on and experiment with.
   Some of my best captures I have captured within just a few minutes of filming. I've just turned on the camcorder, set the focus to infinity, selected any lenses and filters to suit the sky's condition and pressed record. UFO spotting isn't just about trying to capture a comic book style flying saucer, it's all about capturing objects that look out of the ordinary, alien or not, maybe just like in this next piece of footage.

Filmed on the 19th April 2010 at 3pm.
                       Please watch in the highest quality and full screen.

You will see with this object, as it climbs, it appears to have thruster type burners pulsing from the underside of craft which is the driving force. Also the top half of the craft is pointed.
It is very difficult to say what distance the craft is away from me or even the size. I call this a UFO because I am totally bemused about what this could be? It could even be man made.

Some key notes are...
  • It's cone shaped. Possibly for aerodynamics?
  • It has thrusters for drive.
  • It only seems to point upwards.
  • It's visible to the naked eye, but more so in infrared.
  • It has no apparent flight path.
  • It seems to defy gravity. (I'm pretty sure it is not in space)
  • It is north of Southampton UK.
If you any idea what this craft may be, please get in touch and let me know.