Sunday, 29 May 2011

Infrared UFO Fleet.

On the 18th Oct 2008 I captured a whole number of objects crossing the sky at around 1pm. It was a partially cloudy day but with good visibility with blustery winds. The objects are seen travelling in a horizontal course parallel to the ground, almost locked in formation. (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT)

On Sept 27th 2009 I captured what seems to be the same type of objects sat stationary above my house, about 25 miles away from where I had filming my Infrared UFO fleet footage. As you can see there's what looks like two objects sat on top of each other. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E with an 850nm pass filter and a 2x tele lens, boosting the optical zoom up to 80x. These objects must have been extremely high in altitude. After a few minutes of filming and realising they were stationary, I decided to go and fetch my tripod. Withing around two minutes of setting up the tripod, the objects were gone.  (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT) 


Images taken from the two separate occasions show striking similarities 

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