Thursday, 26 May 2011

Personal Research & Invistigations

From this intriguing and extremely significant discovery that Pedro Avila made, it inspired me into a journey that I still enjoy to this day. searching for unknown aerial phenomena using near infrared technology that can't be easily explained away as a natural occurrence. Doing as I do, I always remain skeptical and cautious, ruling out all possibilities before claiming I have captured an anomaly, be it birds, bugs, pollen, satellites etc...
With my sky watching experience, I now help run UFONV with administrator Jim Styck, that bring together fellow sky watchers from around the globe. Where people can learn, share, advise and chat about general camera equipment, to personal UFO sightings and their experiences. I have also contributed to the new and updated edition of the Jose Escamilla's film 'UFO...The greatest story ever denied'. A film that highlights evidence of a massive ET presence all around the globe, only visible using IR & UV camera technology.

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  1. i recently filmed a video with my yukon 5x42 pro and angel eye mini dvr.
    2 ufos making steep turns and interacting. the only possible explanation would be birds, but im not sure and dont believe so..
    would birds make a light signature as bright as stars in a dark sky at such an altitude? comments welcome