Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hiding from us?

Now, focusing on the infrared end of the light spectrum, other than ultraviolet, infrared being around 680nm-1200nm, we have evidence that suggests there are unknown objects flying in our skies that really are psychically there, but we cannot see them. We know they are there as they are giving off a heat signature, which is detectable using mid to far infrared technology. So whatever these objects are, they can manipulate visible light, but do not or can't disguise their craft's overall temperature. An energy, we could expose by using day-to-day CCD technology.
If these aerial objects have the ability to remain invisible to the human eye, at what frequency do they start to become visible? If it's purely the case of hiding away from our eyesight, which is of course extremely feasible,  the chances are they're only manipulating the colours of the rainbow. A possible alien craft only has to have an outer shell that doesn't reflect light frequencies between around 400nm-700nm of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is violet through to red . Instead the light bends or flows over the craft very much like wind flowing over a car in a wind tunnel testing for better aerodynamics. Instead, the human only sees what's behind the object, not the object itself. So a one colour background, such as a blue sky, an object using this cloaking method becomes totally invisible.

The video below shows what looks like an invisible UFO being hit by a ball at a football match. You can see the ball take an unnatural curve through the air, seeming to bounce off something that isn't there. At a closer inspection, you can see a distorted area of nothingness which appears to move when the ball drastically changes course.

If this footage was filmed using a camcorder that could see into the infrared ranges, this clip could look very different indeed.


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