Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Full Spectrum Nikon Coolpix P900

over this last few years I have had real trouble trying to find a video camera that ticks all the right boxes, an impressive optical zoom, a decent viewfinder and for me it has to have infrared capabilities.  For many years Sony handycams were a wise choice as they did tick all the boxes, a simple IR pass filter that screwed to the lens, a quick flick to 'nightshot' and off you went. At one point, most had 40x optical zoom and a simple but functional viewfinder, a must when filming the sky. As with most things, camcorders evolve, the largest improvement being image resolution. As most camcorders now are HD (1920x1080p) and even 4K (3840x2160) actual sensor size is also growing within these camcorders and this is having a negative impact on optical zoom. In short, the optics have to stay relative to the sensor size, if not images become more cropped the larger the sensor becomes. Also, a camcorder producing  0x to 15x zoom also requires moving parts, the higher the optical zoom, the more the focal length has to be increased and that is a lot to get into a consumer camcorder.

After going through many camcorders this last few years I noticing the cross breed camera or 'bridge' camera was making it's mark in the photography world. A bridge camera is a versatile and more affordable version of a DSLR, it is sort of a compact crossed with a SLR. One positive advantage a bridge camera has over a camcorder is that the zoom lens is on the outside of the body, not in the inside which restricts zooming possibilities. Over this last few years the bridge camera market is really making it's mark and obviously there are going to battles between manufactures to who can produce the best camera within a certain price bracket. The mega zoom feature was one battle that I kept a close eye on.

In 2015 Nikon released it's new flagship bridge camera, the Coolpix P900 which boasted a whopping 83x optical zoom, it also has a 3" pull out swivel LCD, a highly rated viewfinder and can film in 1080p50FPS. After watching countless P900 zoom videos on YouTube and reading no end of rave reviews, I decided to buy one and try it out for myself. Getting to know this camera for a was great fun, way different to any video camera that I have previously owned, but  I had to think about how I was going to turn it into a full spectrum or infrared camera, I knew before buying it that I would get around to modifying it. After doing a whole ton of research and emailing around for quotes, most being around the £250 mark, I decided to do it myself. My main concern was obviously just completely wrecking the camera and second, will there be any focusing issues. With full spectrum or infrared DSLR cameras, the focus has to be re-calibrated to focus on the desired light wavelength. This is because the point of focus in the visible light wavelengths (400nm-700nm) differs from near IR (400nm-1200nm) and it confuses the camera so it sits between the two, producing no perfect focus at all. This worsens the larger the sensor becomes, but becomes less apparent the smaller the sensor is. 
As the P900 prides itself on being a 'superzoom' bridge camera, it therefore must has a small sensor? it has. The sensor size being just 1/2.3" or 6.2mm x 4.6mm making it 17% smaller than it's DSLR-like sensor in it's class. So the focusing issue hopefully wouldn't be an issue at all.
If you strip away the enormous telescope like lens and the large durable body essentially what you have is the innards of a sophisticated compact camera. And like compact cameras, the infrared cut filter isn't really that hard to get to at all. A steady hand, the right tools and lots of sweating and it was out and the camera put back together again.  I probably had a the worlds first Full spectrum P900.
There are no focusing issues which is excellent, I've bought a selection of crew on lenses that include IR pass filters and a IR/UV cut filter so a can still use it in the normal spectrum.

To show just how capable this camera is, here is a photograph of the international space station. It took me quite a few attempts, but I got there in the end. It is of course heavily cropped, but I'm happy with it.

To capture the ISS like in the photo above, try starting with these setting, but always pre-focus on the Moon if you can.

A short demo video that I made.

Watch in the highest HD quality.

In the past, having captured a numerous amounts of unexplained objects that cannot be filed into any conventional or natural phenomenon drawer, this camera at this time is probably the best UFO hunting weapon for daytime filming. Being full spectrum obviously gives a big advantage over normal cameras and camcorders. Even at night, the settings given for the capture off the ISS should help resolve any structure of any moving light in the sky, being man made or not.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Full Spectrum Camcorders

when spotting for cloaked UFOs using a camera, there's no real reason to block visible light which seems to be the general trend. The camcorder only has to except near IR light (that is of course a UFO that is reflecting infrared light or is of considerable heat). My theory behind this is everything that we can see with the naked eye is reflecting visible light, if a UFO has a surface which doesn't reflect visible light, a camcorder blocking this light is pointless.
The largest disadvantage of using the IR pass filter method is you still block IR light depending on what filter you use. The near IR wavelengths range from around 680nm to 1200nm using a 920nm pass filter for exposure control. E.g you're blocking nearly half of the near IR light wavelengths from reaching the camera's light sensor. The very light that you want to see, limiting the chance further of spotting a cloaked UFO.
So instead of using an IR pass filter for exposure control when using a Sony nightshot camcorder, I experimented with an ND4 filter only. The filters are used for preventing over exposure, it looks like a piece of tinted glass. The ND4 wasn't quite dark enough for bright sunshine so I had to wait for a lowish Sun to arrive in the early evening. An ND8 or ND8+ND2 combined would've been better for brighter conditions.
With this method a UFO reflecting IR light will stand out a lot more because a camera in nightshot mode, will see all of the IR light being reflected. Another big plus is you can even switch between spectrums when a UFO is spotted like I have in this footage here... (please watch in highest quality & full screen)

 Instead of stacking ND filters to control Sony's nightshot image, there is another way. Older digital camcorders from around 1998 are easily modified to shoot in the broader infrared/visible light spectrum, without restrictions. When I say without restrictions, I mean filming in infrared with full control of exposure, iris and scene selection, something that is normally lost when using Sony's infrared nightshot.
In this next video that I made, I show how easy it is to bypass the small micro switch that prevents the camcorder from being used in infrared nightshot mode during the day. The camcorder here is an analogue CCD TRV87E.

Unfortunately, the newer, higher resolution camcorders are so well made and compact, they are nearly impossible to modify and specialist help is needed.

This next piece of UFO footage was captured at around 3PM on 10 April 2011. The camcorder used is a modified Sony DCR TRV140E with a 1.7x tele-converter, recorded in infrared/visible light mixed and the manual focus in use.
The solid object that appears to be made up of two sections looks white in colour and also may only be reflecting IR light as no shadows or other colours can be observed. With all the concentrating trying to keep the object steady in shot, it never crossed my mind whether to switch between light spectrum's to see if the object would disappear in the visible spectrum only. No eye contact with the object was made as I knew it must have been so high in altitude and didn't want to risk losing it from sight. I estimate the object being of at least 25000ft in altitude as it looks like it disappears into the contrail/chem-trail of the passing plane.
Observed for around seven minutes, before heading north and disappearing out of sight.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

UPDATE: UFO Footage From 22nd September 2008 Now Stabilised.

The UFO footage that I released on the 22nd of September 2008 showing extremely fast flying balls of light, as see in this post here...IR & UV... Ball Of Light UFOs.  Has been stabilised to show how dramatic and real the footage really is. The balls of light can really be seen for what they are, moving fluently with precision and speed. With only one being apparent at first, flying straight up behind a distant cloud. The stabilised footage clearly shows a second object coming down from the clouds, in the opposite direction.

The more obvious 'ball of light' .

Below, the less obvious.


As we have this activity occurring right over or heads, probably throughout the world in total secrecy, totally invisible to our human eyes, simple near infrared technology used in the right way can resolve and bring this secret to light. As I have shown in previous posts, using night vision can highlight the slower less agile spheres at night, even getting one to almost stop in it's tracks and give a 15-20 second 'power-up' hello with the use of a laser beam. And here, demonstrating using the Sun to provide the IR light for reflection and the roof top to cut out the glare. Also shown here again showing the same type of UFO.
With the small percentage of non man-made cropcircles arriving in Wiltshire's fields each year, it's not exactly difficult to work out who or what is making them.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Unexpected Object Passes Straight Over Me.

As a UFO hunter, experimenting with different cameras, camcorders, lenses, scopes, night vision devices and so on is the norm. Playing and tweaking becomes just as time consuming as filming itself, not that there's anything wrong with it of course, it's just a what you do. You just never know if that tweak, modification or new technique will help with that ultimate UFO capture.
On the 11th July 2010, I was experimenting with ND filters that help control the exposure levels of Sony's nightshot image in daytime conditions. Shall I use a 920nm pass filter by itself? An 850nm IR pass filter with an ND4 filter or a 720nm filter with an ND8 filter? Or even an additional ND2? The 920nm IR pass filter by itself produces a cleaner, sharper image, but restricts more IR light. Meaning, a slightly less chance of spotting a UFO only reflecting IR light. The 720nm + ND8+ND2, a 680nm + ND8+ND8 or 680nm +ND16 filter method raises the chances of spotting an IR visible only UFO as the Sony camcorder's CCD is receiving nearly all of the near IR light wavelengths. The only drawback of the building up of lenses is that it reduces the quality of the overall image.

So, as I was doing a little experimenting with my lenses, not even on the look out for any out of the ordinary objects, a white sphere passes straight over me traveling in a SSW direction...


                                 Please watch in the highest resolution.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Spherical UFO Sat Motionless Over The Rooftops

I captured this UFO on the 31 Aug 2009 2pm. It could possibly be a foo fighter/orb UFO just sat there above the roof tops. It appears to remain at the same altitude yet slowly drift north away from where I am filming, disappearing from view after around 5 minutes. As you will see in nearly all of my daytime UFO captures, I will occasionally pan out to give a wider field of view, thus giving the viewer a better sense of perspective and reference.

I estimate this object being no more than half a mile away from where I was filming. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E camcorder, 850nm IR pass filter and a 2x tele-converter lens.
(sorry about the soundtrack, I've misplaced the original footage for HD re-upload)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cone/Triangular Craft Captured

UFO spotting may come across a strange and near impossible quest, but unless you make a conscious effort and get out there and look up, the likely hood of ever seeing a UFO is almost zero. It's a little like fishing, unless you go to the lake, set up your rod, line, bait your hook and cast it into the water, your not going to catch a fish. You know they are there, it's just about having patience and luck. Over time you gain experience, buy more equipment, experiment with different techniques, try different baits etc. All for catching a fish. It's the same with UFO spotting, it's a hobby that does work, you've just got to try it. For me, I find filming the skies in the infrared light spectrum is what works best. So that is what I build on and experiment with.
   Some of my best captures I have captured within just a few minutes of filming. I've just turned on the camcorder, set the focus to infinity, selected any lenses and filters to suit the sky's condition and pressed record. UFO spotting isn't just about trying to capture a comic book style flying saucer, it's all about capturing objects that look out of the ordinary, alien or not, maybe just like in this next piece of footage.

Filmed on the 19th April 2010 at 3pm.
                       Please watch in the highest quality and full screen.

You will see with this object, as it climbs, it appears to have thruster type burners pulsing from the underside of craft which is the driving force. Also the top half of the craft is pointed.
It is very difficult to say what distance the craft is away from me or even the size. I call this a UFO because I am totally bemused about what this could be? It could even be man made.

Some key notes are...
  • It's cone shaped. Possibly for aerodynamics?
  • It has thrusters for drive.
  • It only seems to point upwards.
  • It's visible to the naked eye, but more so in infrared.
  • It has no apparent flight path.
  • It seems to defy gravity. (I'm pretty sure it is not in space)
  • It is north of Southampton UK.
If you any idea what this craft may be, please get in touch and let me know.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Light Spectrum Shifting UFO. Real Proof Of Invisible Craft.

Due to nature of UFO hunting in the infrared spectrum, it can be difficult proving an object that is assumed to be a 'UFO' was only visible using an infrared camcorder or camera. The restrictions on a typical Sony camcorder with the infrared nightshot feature prevent the user from recording in daylight conditions. This is because certain synthetic clothing materials become near transparent when viewed in infrared, something the ladies down at the beach would be to happy about. This was dealt with in 1998 by making Sony camcorders with the nightshot feature unusable in daylight conditions. They did this by making the nightshot image a total 'white out', opening the camcorder's aperture out to the maximum, thus over exposing the image in bright conditions, but obviously not a problem in low light or dark environments.
This restriction poses a problem for daytime IR UFO spotting, so with the aid of an infrared pass filter that restricts visible light and infrared light up to a required frequency, the exposure levels can be controlled again, allowing the nightshot feature to be used in bright sunny conditions. This method of filming in infrared is the preferred and most popular of choices, but still poses a couple of issues. The first and pretty obvious issue is that you are unable to quickly revert back to the visible spectrum if a possible 'cloaked' UFO is spotted as the visible spectrum is blocked. One of the aspirations of an infrared UFO hunter is to prove the UFO that they themselves have captured wasn't visible to the naked eye. It can be done with the IR pass filter method, but it's a time consuming, fumbling task. And if your lucky enough to have spotted a potential UFO, capturing some quality footage is of the up most importance, the last thing you want to do is ruin it by fumbling around removing lenses and flicking nightshot switches, it just takes too long.
The second and most important issue with using the IR pass filter method is not only the visible spectrum be being blocked, but also the all important near infrared light is too, infrared light wavelengths up to whatever the lens is rated at . If a Sony camcorder is using a 920nm IR pass filter to control exposure levels, all visible light and infrared light up to 920nm are refused entry into the camcorder, purely for exposure reasons. The problem with this is, your relying on a UFO that isn't reflecting visible light to reflect IR light wavelengths higher than the 920nm IR pass filter used to be seen. This will make way for a lot of theories that suggest UFOs can sometimes just disappear or even appear from out of nowhere.    
Infrared UFO.

One way to get around the issue that IR pass filters pose is to use neutral density filters. These filters can control exposures levels without blocking specific wavelengths of light. Acting like how sunglasses work, they dampen down exposure levels, but without effecting colour or restricting IR light. Using these filters that come in a variety of strengths including ND2, ND4, ND8, etc, allow a camcorder using IR nightshot to be used in daylight conditions, but with the added bonus of switching back and using the normal visible spectrum.
On 17th May 2010, 7pm, I was filming the skies in infrared using Sony's nightshot mode and a ND4 filter in place. The UFO that I capture clearly reflects light, also shows no signs of a conventional craft. What I was able to do using this ND filter method, is promtly switch over to the visible spectrum, just to see whether the bright object that I had captured in infrared would also remain in the visible spectrum too. As you will see by watching the footage, the UFO vanishes in the visible spectrum. Please watch in the best possible quality format and full screen...


Thursday, 23 June 2011

'Foo Fighter' Decends & Gives Chase To Commercial Jet.

David Sankey

 With my experience of UFO hunting, the most common of all unidentified aerial phenomena witnessed by
 Foo fighter UFO 2009
  myself and several other UFO hunters around the world has to be the spherical orb UFO. A relatively slow responding craft, several feet in diameter that takes time to gather momentum, but can move at incredible speeds. My research suggests these spherical crafts are visually weightless and possibly use a plasma type substance to push themselves around, bursts of gas that expel out from several outlets positioned around the vessel. Or there could be several types of spherical vessels, all with differing means of propulsion and purposes.

These object which American pilots named "foo-fighters," came from the Smokey Stover comic strip. Smokey Stover (a fireman) always said, 'Where there's foo, there's fire.' It came from the French word for fire, 'feu.'Possibly because these objects were seen as flying balls of fire, very intense orange coloured objects.

Whether these crafts are piloted by an unknown entity or indeed one of our own military type crafts, I am unsure. But, they are a fact, first captured by the eyes of pilots of the 2nd world war and were named 'foo fighters', and also in recent years by UFO hunters indulging in the their leisurely pass time. Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy, but they remained unidentified post-war and were reported by both Allied and Axis forces. Any reports were taken very seriously and accounts of these cases were presented to heavyweight scientists, the phenomenon was never explained.

Foo fighter UFO first recorded in November 1944.


Before I present another of my own 'foo fighter' captures, I want you to take a look at this footage here...

This is probably the closest and clearest capture of a 'foo fighter' UFO to date. Captured on an HD camcorder by http://www.youtube.com/user/jmhz71, making this footage truly remarkable. It's obviously nothing conventional, nothing known to the public anyway. This is just another piece of real evidence, another piece of the jigsaw, just floating around in cyberspace.

My next piece of personal UFO footage shows a daytime capture, in infrared on the 7 March 2010 at around 13:40. As I was filming the low flying plane you will see a bright ball of light drop down from above the plane to the underside, then rapidly accelerate south, in the direction of the traveling conventional aircraft. This object was completely invisible to the naked eye, whether it was invisible, I don't know, but I couldn't see it. Please excuse my language at the end of the clip. But, please enjoy...


Foo fighter UFO dropping down beside plane. (Watch video for actual footage)


Monday, 13 June 2011

My interaction with UFOs...CE5

Understanding the possibilities that can be achieved using the right infrared recording equipment, we now know this aerial phenomena can be captured very easily at an affordable cost.
Confident a small percentage of these lights are not all passing satellites, planes, birds etc, but possible 'UFOs' , I had to keep trying to provoke a reaction using my laser pointer. I had already given myself confidence that it can be done which I show in a previous post.
In this next piece of UFO footage, I show how a response can be instigated using a laser in a non-aggressive manner. Purposely not pointing the laser directly at the UFOs, but very close to them.  In the footage taken on the 23rd April, 2010, you will see what appears to be passing satellites, as I flash the laser, you will see the UFOs flash back. Some will argue these are just passing satellites catching the Sun's rays which is lighting them up, which is normally the case. But, the second UFO that travels from left to right of the screen not only flashes, but at around 2:40 seconds starts to reduces travelling speed, significantly. At around 3:08 seconds, when the UFO is at it's slowest travelling speed, the UFO starts to light up or 'power-up' as it's sometimes known as, remaining lit up for a period of around 20 seconds. Some may still argues that it is just a rare capture of an iridium flare, but what you can't argue with is the fact the object significantly reduces travelling speed, something satellites just don't do.  All iridium satellite flares, plus the ISS amongst other satellites can be tracked at the heavens-above website. After this event I did my utmost to find out what I had just witnessed and recorded.  If I were to have been lucky enough to have witnessed a flare or any other similar event, I would've posted just that.  After issuing the footage to MUFON the lead UK investigations team member Jack Turnbull, we came to a conclusion it was an 'unknown' as it wasn't pigeon holed as anything 'conventional'. I have performed this a few times now, but think it is a very risky thing to do, in more ways than one.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Night Vision Capture.

Here's a capture that was filmed using my NV scope. The capture just happens to include a plane, (yet again) This involves a low flying UFO that I would say is flying at around the same altitude as the low flying plane, flying just several thousand feet up. It could be lower, it could be higher, it is very difficult to judge in night vision as the image is 2 dimensional looking. I've been filming satellites going over for several years now, when I spot one, it's pretty obvious what it is. But, this is very different...

The footage was filmed on the 2nd April 2009 traveling North, this really did take me by surprise as it shot by. I had it in shot for quite a while which gave me the chance to make visual contact, which were negative, totally invisible. I frequently go out and watch the ISS pass by when the opportunity arises, the ISS is very visible to the naked eye. I also have filmed it without the use of night vision.

Now, in this piece of UFO footage that is truly amazing, thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/ufowatcher5150 for this one . This object was reported as being 'large orange glowing ball of light' So, it appears to be a 'foo fighter' captured in night vision. If it wasn't for the use of IR recording devices and an attractor device like a laser or spotlight that can provoke a reaction, these objects can just travel around at high altitudes disguised as satellites if traveling in straight lines. Spot the laser at the start of this footage.  It obviously spooks the low flying UFO into thinking 'it's time to get out of here....quick!"


Friday, 3 June 2011

Spooked UFO climbs in altitude.

On several occasions while out night skywatching, I've encountered pair's of objects that could easily be dismissed as satellites, the NOSS  (Naval Ocean Surveillance System)   These military satellites that orbit the Earth in pairs appear to be quite a common sight, even though they are only several sets of them. Here's some footage my mine that a captured a while a using my homemade night vision scope.

After encountering these possible NOSS satellites on a very frequent basis, I wondered if these rarely sighted satellites were actually satellites at all. And because these belong to the military, I was unable to go online and confirm the sighting or even when they were due to go by again.
On the 17th August 2010, I noticed what appeared to be the NOSS satellites, going straight over my head...again. This time I was carrying a green laser pen that is used for astronomy purposes and shined it in the general direction of the two satellites, perhaps hoping for a possible reaction.  Almost instantly, the trailing luminous object appears to change travelling speed and climb altitude at what must have been an incredible speed.

Obviously, satellites can't respond like this. I know for a fact they are not birds, Whatever it is, it appears it was spooked and probably wanted to reach safety at a higher altitude, away from the possible dangers that lay below.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shiny UFO hovering above the rooftops.

On the 31 Aug 2009 around mid day, I captured a very shiny object sat almost stationary above the rooftops. Very hard to estimate the size of an object like this as distance is unknown. It never really changes altitude, but unfortunately the object slowly travelled north away from me.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spherical 'Foo Fighter' UFO Captured Flying Along Side Plane.

One advantage with using an older Sony camcorder with nightshot for UFO hunting is the fact some come with a larger 1/4" CCD light sensor, instead of the 1/6" or smaller CCD. The benefit of this is that low light filming in infrared is a possibility. Some older camcorders with the 1/4" CCD also come with the additional feature of manual shutter speed. By slowing down the shutter speed, this allows the CCD light sensor time to gather more light before processing.

On the 31st May 2009 at around 1.30am, I was armed with a Sony CCD TRV87E camcorder. Upon zooming onto a plane that was heading for Bournemouth airport, I instantly noticed a spherical ball of light flying along side it. This was to become my first 'orb' UFO capture. Traditionally, these UFOs are called Foo Fighters, named by the pilots that flew in WW2, spherical objects that buzzed around their planes, but never hostile. Now, I am unsure whether this type of UFO is invisible to the naked eye. Though, apart from the famous Concord/UFO incident, I have only seen these 'Foo Fighter' UFOs captured in the infrared light spectrum.


Shape shifting UFO?

On the 8th of Feb 2009, I captured an object that taught me a lot about IR pass filters. The actual filming of the UFO is terrible due to the shakiness, which I apologise for. With walking around the garden to try and get a clearer shot, the footage is rather shaky. So in the second half of this video I show a stabilised version.

In this footage it shows the object looking as though it is constantly changing shape, or 'shape shifting'. This is only an illusion, what in fact we are seeing are IR light frequencies between 920nm and 1200nm. We are only seeing the twinkly parts of the UFO reflecting lower than 920nm of IR light, 1200nm being where near infrared light ends, also the very limit the camcorder's CCD will see. Any frequency of light that is higher that the rated IR pass filter used is being blocked due to the way IR pass filters work, so the UFO still won't be seen. An IR pass filter restricts visible light and IR light up to what ever the lens is rated at, this acts as an exposure control system on camcorders that have the 'white out' effect. This prevents daylight use by opening up the aperture and over exposing the image. To capture a UFO that is reflecting IR light, but not visible, a camcorder needs to be able to receive as much IR light as possible. If I had used a 720nm filter with an additional ND8 filter to control exposure levels on my unmodified Sony nightshot DCR DVD106E, we would be seeing a lot more of the craft. If a 1000nm filter was being used, (apart from producing a darker image) the UFO might not have been seen at all due to the possible weak Sun and clouds etc...
 A modified camcorder however would've produced a very bright, very different piece of UFO footage. A modified camcorder that has the ability to film in the near infrared spectrum without the usual problems of a 'white out' effect has the advantage of seeing cloaked UFOs reflecting IR light in their full glory. An unmodified camcorder that has to control nightshot mode with IR pass filters for daytime use run the risk of partially seeing or even missing a cloaked UFO altogether. To up the chances of spotting a cloaked UFO when using IR pass filters, a strong high Sun is recommended, or a weaker IR pass filter with the addition of an ND filter.

Here is some raw unedited images from that piece of UFO footage...Click on image for a closer look.

©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
©Darren Ashmore
 The IR pass filter used in this capture was rated at 920nm, so visible light plus infrared light up to 920nm is being blocked. In these images, we are only seeing 920nm up to 1200nm of infrared light, a very small window of light, this makes the UFO look like it is continuously changing shape as it flies on by.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Infrared UFO Fleet.

On the 18th Oct 2008 I captured a whole number of objects crossing the sky at around 1pm. It was a partially cloudy day but with good visibility with blustery winds. The objects are seen travelling in a horizontal course parallel to the ground, almost locked in formation. (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT)

On Sept 27th 2009 I captured what seems to be the same type of objects sat stationary above my house, about 25 miles away from where I had filming my Infrared UFO fleet footage. As you can see there's what looks like two objects sat on top of each other. Filmed using a Sony DCR DVD106E with an 850nm pass filter and a 2x tele lens, boosting the optical zoom up to 80x. These objects must have been extremely high in altitude. After a few minutes of filming and realising they were stationary, I decided to go and fetch my tripod. Withing around two minutes of setting up the tripod, the objects were gone.  (for higher resolution, double click on video and watch on YT) 


Images taken from the two separate occasions show striking similarities 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

IR & UV... Ball Of Light UFOs

The first two captures I am going to show were recorded using a Sony DCR DVD106E camcorder and a 920nm IR pass filter for exposure control. Also filming into the glare of the Sun at around mid day. The reason for this is to get maximum IR light reflecting of a possible UFO that happens to be in the vicinity of where you are filming at that time.

The first of the two was captured on August 23rd 2008, please watch in the highest quality. There are two objects in this footage, the obvious ball of light that could have been observing me, and one that shoots back behind a cloud.


These objects that I captured in this footage on the 22nd September 2008 are the same type of UFO, extremely fast balls of light that, agile and totally invisible to the naked eye. Not your stereotypical flying saucer that people think of when envisioning a UFO. Again, there's two flying objects here, one flies down while the other flies up into the clouds

What I've discovered, these have been also captured on NASA's UV cameras. The same 'ball of light' UFO that has the very same characteristics. Blobs of light that appear to be intelligently controlled. In this footage I also showed earlier, watch as the UFO being shot at from below sees the flash,  seems to know that it is being fired upon and flees the scene, way in advance of a possible collision. The clip in the middle, you can see there are more than just one of these UFOs around in the same area...

And here the same balls of light being easily spooked.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Personal Research & Invistigations

From this intriguing and extremely significant discovery that Pedro Avila made, it inspired me into a journey that I still enjoy to this day. searching for unknown aerial phenomena using near infrared technology that can't be easily explained away as a natural occurrence. Doing as I do, I always remain skeptical and cautious, ruling out all possibilities before claiming I have captured an anomaly, be it birds, bugs, pollen, satellites etc...
With my sky watching experience, I now help run UFONV with administrator Jim Styck, that bring together fellow sky watchers from around the globe. Where people can learn, share, advise and chat about general camera equipment, to personal UFO sightings and their experiences. I have also contributed to the new and updated edition of the Jose Escamilla's film 'UFO...The greatest story ever denied'. A film that highlights evidence of a massive ET presence all around the globe, only visible using IR & UV camera technology.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A little closer to Earth.

On  17th July 2004, the Mexican UFO hunter Pedro Avila captured something very unique for the time. It was the first time an invisible UFO had been captured in the near infrared light spectrum. Until this time, only very expensive sophisticated cameras had captured such events. What made Pedro's infrared UFO footage more spectacular is the fact two camcorders of the same make and model was used. One camcorder was set up to record in infrared, and the other in the standard visible spectrum, both filming the same bit of sky.  You can clearly see a stationary spherical object sat motionlessly in the sky in the infrared footage, but no object in the normal visible spectrum.

 What this footage shows, is that anyone with an off the shelf consumer camcorder has the potential to capture an anomaly which isn't reflecting visible light, a UFO that could be of another world. All you need is a little patience and some luck. A bit like fishing!
Like in some of the NASA clips, these unknown objects could be everywhere. If one person can get a result like this, everyone else can possibly get a similar result, no matter where in the world you are. And capturing an invisible UFO in the near IR light spectrum proves that something is going on, solid real objects going about their business in secrecy, right under our noses. If this phenomena is really going on in the near infrared light spectrum, anyone with the right camera or camcorder can go hunting for themselves.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hiding from us?

Now, focusing on the infrared end of the light spectrum, other than ultraviolet, infrared being around 680nm-1200nm, we have evidence that suggests there are unknown objects flying in our skies that really are psychically there, but we cannot see them. We know they are there as they are giving off a heat signature, which is detectable using mid to far infrared technology. So whatever these objects are, they can manipulate visible light, but do not or can't disguise their craft's overall temperature. An energy, we could expose by using day-to-day CCD technology.
If these aerial objects have the ability to remain invisible to the human eye, at what frequency do they start to become visible? If it's purely the case of hiding away from our eyesight, which is of course extremely feasible,  the chances are they're only manipulating the colours of the rainbow. A possible alien craft only has to have an outer shell that doesn't reflect light frequencies between around 400nm-700nm of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is violet through to red . Instead the light bends or flows over the craft very much like wind flowing over a car in a wind tunnel testing for better aerodynamics. Instead, the human only sees what's behind the object, not the object itself. So a one colour background, such as a blue sky, an object using this cloaking method becomes totally invisible.

The video below shows what looks like an invisible UFO being hit by a ball at a football match. You can see the ball take an unnatural curve through the air, seeming to bounce off something that isn't there. At a closer inspection, you can see a distorted area of nothingness which appears to move when the ball drastically changes course.

If this footage was filmed using a camcorder that could see into the infrared ranges, this clip could look very different indeed.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

How It All Changed

On February 25th 1996, the famous 'tether incedent' of NASA STS-75 forever changed the way we perceive the UFO subject as a whole. This footage taken from Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO archives brings home the very real fact that we are not alone. Slowly, the days of ridicule, poked banter, the mention of little green men and silly X-files music that's applied to every potential credible piece of evidence are slowly fading away.
With this incredible piece of evidence that clearly objects in the vicinity of 12 mile  glowing electrically charged tether, over 75 miles away. This gives some idea of the shear size of these crafts. On the contrary to what is generally thought, these objects are in FRONT of the tether. The tether is at least 75 miles away from the camera what also means the camera filming must be set at 'infinity' focus the focus in on the tether. The footage below at exactly 3:00 minutes in there is a focus shift, a shift of focus that edges slightly back from 'infinity' at that point the 'UFOs' come into focus that shows them to be a more solid object. What is evident though is the amount of activity that is in that relatively small chunk of space, crowded almost. This is some UFO footage you can't poke fun at. NASA has always claimed that the 'UFOs' in this footage are 'ice particals' The fundamental issue with ice in space is that it will only travel in a straight line. The objects is the footage here are clearly changing direction, travelling in a curved path and even doubling back on themselves... showing intelligent control... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2DVeil21gc

Another piece of UFO footage taken from Martyn Stubbs's NASA UFO archive, shows a lone UFO that looks like it's being shot at from the Earth below. There's a flash that lasts just a fraction of a second. The UFO (or the occupants inside) somehow anticipates the danger of what could lay ahead and makes a dash for safety well in advance of a possible collision with something shot from a very advanced weapon. Look closely at this footage and you'll see several objects of similar size and character, all spooked by the event of what they have just witnessed, as if on guard.

Crowded skies up there...

Ground control asks for another camera as UFOs are all around